About my practice:

Please find below links to documents about my practice which you may find useful. If we decide to work together, it will be important to look at my Digital policy. We will also use the information given on the ‘Remote working information’ document should we decide to work in this way. If we meet in person, it will also be useful to take a look at my ‘Working with Infection Risk‘ document.
If you are seeking further information and support:
You may also wish to explore further sources of support online. There is much out there, which can be of benefit. Please find below some which you may find of use, though this is not an exhaustive list.
Please note that I do not particularly endorse one site over another, and have no responsibility for the content of these linked websites.
Exploring wider support:
(Local support organisations)
(Mental Health Self Help resources)

Supportive information and advice:

Wellbeing app ideas:
( suggested Apps)
(NHS suggested Apps)

Staying safe:
(Coventry Domestic Violence and Abuse support services)
(Safe to talk)